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Hi all,

I just purchased a new case (Bitfenix Shinobi) Everything has been installed in there, I have Two Dual 120mm Radiators and a custom water cooled loop, white Led strips and really nice cable management. The only let down of the whole look is the SATA cables, I may get black ones to match the aesthetic of the case, but does anyone know of any creative ways to route them that I may be missing?

Thank you.
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  1. I'll need pictures mate,
    but I should be able to help, don't buy any new cables just yet ok :)
  2. yeah, show us some pictures. Sata cables are actually very nice cables to work with, you can bend them pretty nicely and they retain their shape.
  3. Okay, I will upload some pictures when I get back from wok. To be honest I think I may just be being a little bit picky.
  4. I'm away till sunday night so no rush,
    and as I am the Cable management monster here on Toms theres no such thing as picky :P
    Invisible cables and tubing are the future!
  5. Okay mate, thanks.
    I know I have seen your name mentioned many times in various cable management threads. I will update soon.

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