RAM Upgrade with Audio & Video Issues

Hello people,
I upgraded the RAM on a PC to an extra 2 GB. Since I have done this I have noticed the audio from the pc is scratching, videos are playing in slow motion.

When I try to install certain programs, there are lots of horizontal lines across the screen. When the PC is shutting down, it produces some horizontal lines across the PC. Do you know what could be the possible problem?

All I did was just jut the 2 extra sticks of RAM and then I discovered these problems. I believe the sound card and the video card are built in to the motherboard
Please help!!
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  1. First of all did you take out the memory stick already in the memory slot of the Pc.
    You should of done a check of the speed of the memory,its voltage and what we call its ram timing values.
    If you put a stick of memory in with a different speed rating or ram memory timings
    you may encounter such problems. It is always recommended to fit ram of the same type and spec to avoid such a problem as you are having.

    My best advice is to take both sticks out and check the values on the memory, they should be located on each memory stick on a sticker.
    If you find one is of a lower speed, or memory timing eg 5-5-5-18, then go into the bios lower memory speed to the lowest one running and in the memory timings set the timing values. It looks like you have two speed ratings of memory.
  2. How would I do that.

    The RAM I put in are of the same type, same voltage.

    If you have an email address, I could send you pics so you can see what I'm talking about.

    How would I do the BIOS bit.

    Do you think I need drivers for the motherboard?
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