Best replacement Fans for Xclio Windtunnel help!

hi guys i have the xclio windtunnel case and one of the fans has just pooped itself. and the other one is significantly slower than what it was when i first got the case

as a result my pc is heating up

so i need 2 replacement 250 mm fans (I WILL NOT BUY THE SAME FANS FROM THE COMPANY THEY STINK!) that are good wont die on me for a long time (i have a cheap 3 dollar case fan with leds that have been going strong now for about 3 years)

the fans have to be able to fit on the case where the normal fans are and please suggest ones that are 1. from amazon (their shipping is options and returns process is better than newegg) and 2. fit on the case as good as the factory fans
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  1. if there arent any i was thinking about getting 2 Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Blue LED Computer Case Fan (R4-LUS-07AB-GP)

    will they fit on my case the right way?
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