Is my power supply big enough?? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP!

I have a 630 watt raidmax PSU, model: RX630Z. I have one Powercolor Radeon 7770 and I want to crossfire another one but I dont know if my power supply is big enough. I am running the i7 3770S, the new low voltage ivy bridge. Everything that is powered includes a 3TB Seagate XT 7200, and a 120GB OCZ SSD. Also an LG blu ray writer. All is built around the asus p8h67m evo motherboard. Is my PSU big enough to run all of this with 2 powercolor radeon 7770s in crossfire? and possibly a sound card or wifi card later.
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    It's more than enough. HD 7770 even at full load consumes a mere 83 watts. You could run three of them :).

  2. The PSU is big enough but there is always a question about the quality of Raidmax PSU's! The tend not to be able to deliver their rated power.
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  4. Thanks for the quick responses. I appreciate it.
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    Technically speaking it should work especially with a 7770.But I really would suggest spending the money on a quality PSU if you can spare it.
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