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HEy all

I run a i5 2400 and nvidia gtx 660ti psu: CM gx 650 w my temps are 60 deg for cpu when i am playing and 40 deg for gpu and my comp reboots when am playing the games is 60 -63 deg very high for the cpu?
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  1. Temps look fine. You need to check your event logs. If there are no entries before it reboots, you most likely have a power supply problem and will have to replace it.
  2. Does this constant restart pose a problem or is it just that the comp restarts to protect the cpu
  3. If the power supply is indeed the problem, it's restarting because the power is being cut off. Like pulling the plug.
  4. I cheked up with all the hardware and stuff from a tech and he says theres no fault with it . he tried using his own monitor to play and tehre hasnt been any problem even after 15-20 mins of play his res was 1280x1024.. any suggestions?
  5. I already told you what you need to do. Did you do it?
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