New build & Haf 912 case

i'm trading away my antec 1200 case (not the v3 one ) because its too heavy and got haf 912 . I wonder these setup will fit the case ? thank you

Corsair Enthusiast TX V2 Series 650-Watt


Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

GTX 680
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  1. it should fit with like few inches to spare on the cooler and the graphics should fit no problem
  2. thank you sir :)
  3. Get the corsair TX650 Modular, otherwise you will have a lot of problem with cable management. If you want serious CPU overclocking then get Noctua Nh d14, which is a lot costlier but worth it! If you don't have that much to spend in your cooler then get Hyper 212 Evo. Read tomshardware post on cheap z77 motherboards if you don't know which one to buy!,3254.html
  4. hmm read somewhere that the evo and the plus = same ? the evo is like 1-2 c better ?.i'll overclock to 4ghz so 212 plus is good enough i think. Btw now i'm not too sure about getting the asrock z77 extreme4 or the extreme4-m . Whats dif between the 2 ?. the 4-m cost a lil more tho. help ?
  5. Get the Z77 Extreme4 best bang for your buck, the Cooler Master Evo 212+ is a better cpu cooler
  6. ah ok , gonna order them now :) thank you
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