Wierd sound that comes out if you put the PC under the table...

I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section, but this seemed the closest.

It's in the background, put it on maximum volume and it'll get clear.

I could start to hear it when I put my PC under the table, wasn't before... Checked it, fans and HDD's are okay... So is the table acting as an amplifier of the fan noises or something?
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  1. yea its just your fans being noisy
  2. Shockattackr said:
    yea its just your fans being noisy

    Well, i tried shutting off each fan, it still sounds like that, so is the table an amplifier for the fans that ARE remaining?
  3. With my headphones and what not, it still sounds like a humming of a fan. Can you list the specs?
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