Will HD 6570 DDR3 be able to achhivve console level graphics??

Hello, i want to know if HD 6570 DDR3 is able to play latest games on similar settings as xbox and ps3 @ 720p.

My other specs are:

Phenom 9500 Quad 2.2 GHz (planing to OC, just need to get some good cooler)
2gb DDR2 800MHz RAM
MSI k9n6pgm2-v2 AM2+
Win XP 32bit SP2

Will i be able to play games such as Skyrim and Witcher 2 on Medium @ 1280x720 res with this specs???
Also, is it worth to upgrade my cpu from phenom 9500 to athlon II x2 250.
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  1. Skyrim definitely. Witcher 2, prolly not.
  2. At that resolution you will be able to play it.

    Also, if you were to upgrade your CPU it will help too.

    Here is the minimum specs for witcher 2:

    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Processor: Intel 2.2 GHz Dual-Core or AMD 2.5 GHz Dual-Core
    Memory: 1.5 GB (Win XP), 2GB (Win Vista/Win 7)
    Graphics: GeForce 8800 (512 MB) or Radeon HD3850 (512 MB)
    Hard Drive: 16GB
  3. not console level, but decent quality.
  4. You also have to take into consideration that graphics in a console has been optimized to run on whatever graphic card is integrated into the console. The Radeon HD 6570 is one of many different video cards and games designed for PCs are not optimized to run on a single specific graphic card.
  5. +1^ That is correct
  6. Also, console games use smaller / compress textures compared to PC games so sometimes when you read reviews comparing XBox 360 games and PC games side by side you may see a comment about XBox 360 games looking a little "muddy" compared to PC games. The same can be said about PS3 games.
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