Is the ASUS 670 DCII any good?

I can not for the life of me find a review for it.
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  1. No it's horrible, don't buy it, buy AMD.

    No really, there's reviews on Newegg and Amazon, did you check there?
  2. That's the DCU II Top version geekapproved is talking about. The DC2 version only has 6 reviews and everyone seems to like it, probably due to being at stock clocks.
  3. This is for the TOP version. The regular version will be a little slower, cooler, and quieter.
  4. Torne said:
    I can not for the life of me find a review for it.

    Don't buy an ASUS 670. Is garbage.

    I bought one, and I got constant crashes at windows desktop. Is common for these cards (both the top, and the non top version). Is not that I just got a bad card, lots of these cards are crashing everywhere.

    And worse, ASUS only seems to care about the Top model, but the non top model also crashes and there is no support from ASUS.
  5. I agree if marraco about one thing: asus sucks, bad customer service too. Bunch of greedy men. However they do make great cards. But if I were you, get dcii not the top. If your still shaky get a gigabyte windforce x3. Still scared? Get any evga card. Great customer service and it won't go wrong.
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