Purchased a i5-3570K, but need virtualization.

Hello All,

I purchased an Intel i5-3570K two months back, but only just (yup just) discovered it doesn't have virtualization. For whatever reason I thought it did for a while before purchase but doesn't thanks to some simple tools I'll now keep handy.

I was hoping for some suggestions that got me the features (and about the price) of the i5-3570K, but just with virtualization on top. Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. apparently virtualization in the form of vt-x is present on your cpu. if this is what your require then perhaps it's just an option in bios that hasn't been enabled? if it's vt-d you require & you have a motherboard that can support it (most asrock ones do) then for the same price i'd consider one of the E3 xeons - E3-1230 perhaps, or 1235 if you require igpu. this would forsake overclocking ability hoiwever.
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    There are two virtualization technologies on our processors, the first is VT-x which is the standard virtualization on a Window 7 system it will allow me to run Window XP virtualization.

    The other technology is called VT-d and this allows virtualization with directed I/O. This gives you the ability to assign hardward to an VM. So let say I am running a VM and I want to give it access to the network I can assign a LAN port to it (this is just one example of the difference.

    Intel® Core™ i5-3570K has VT-x but not the VT-d. The Intel Core i5-3570 has both but you also need to have a board that support VT-d.

    You can see the differences between the Intel Core i5-3570 and the Intel Core i5-3570K at,65520
  3. Thanks to you both for the replies. I had already enabled the VT-X in the BIOS, but was still having some issues in my software. Reading around I thought I got to understand that Hyper-V wouldn't work on my setup... It's working now... I did absolutely nothing different, except put the pc to sleep... Thank you for the informative replies. Problem solved I think.
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