Large IDE Harddisk on old system

I'm thinking of buying a large harddisk (>80 GB) and use it for large filetransfers between several different computers. These computers all have different hardwareconfigurations from really old P-166 to brand new high-end computers. Will there be any problems detecting/configuring this drive for the older systems? What kind of problems might occur and how can they be solved?

Thanks in advance

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  1. There probably will be problems with the older BIOS. The easiest solution will be a PCI IDE controller card.

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  2. Many drives have software tools that enable you to use a large drive on an old computer.

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  3. Problems with the older computers accessing it as a network drive? I seriously doubt it. The only computer that I believe you need to worry about is the one that the drive is physically mounted in. And if it's too big for the BIOS of that system to rcognise, you can get free partioning software from the manufacturer that will allow you to set it as a smaller size in BIOS with windows recognising the full size.

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  4. only if you are going to run the server off one of the old boxes... anything since PII should be fine for a server... the others shouldnt have problems getting to it...

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