Trying to talk to a SAN server

I got this from one of my neighbors, he doesn't know what it is, I really don't know either.
I am guessing it is a SAN or part of one at lease
After a 45min of internet searching on the Model number (N2S2A)
I got this
If this is even the right one It saids
Interface Types: Mini DB9 RS232, 10/100 Ethernet
Protocols Supported: SNMP, SSL, SSH, SMTP
Management Consoles: WEB GUI, CLI
Management Software: R/Evolution RAIDar
So I plugged it in to my network, I had to look on my router to see what IP it assigned it. Got that then tried to ping, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, failed on all of them. I only have Ethernet interface to talk to it with.
Any one with knowledge of enterprise class SAN know what to do?
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  1. I think you need the Management software installed to access it with a web brouser.
    They call it RAIDar, it is a Java plug in.
    I can't find it anywhere. Anyone happen to have it?
  2. I finely figured it out!!
    Turns out that the DHCP server said it gave it an IP when in fact it had a static ip. I don't know why the DHCP server claims to have given it an IP. I tried it on two routers (Linksys and Untangle) and the both said they gave it an ip. Wasn't untell I made my own serial cable and telneted into the stupid thing than I saw it has a static ip.So just set my computer up on that ip network and bam I was in!!!
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