Are Seasonic and Corsair quality PSU brands?
Do they live long?

Please reply, thank you.
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  1. Yes, they are. Seasonic is the best PSU manufacturer (The only one that makes their own PSU), and some corsair units are manufactured by seasonic.

    They should last long, because in some units seasonic and corsair offers up to 5 years guarantee.
  2. Corsair is a quality seller of numerous different PSU lines from the budget range to the high end stuff.

    Corsair PSU's are split between CWT and Seasonic as OEM. IIRC, CWT makes the current CX units, GS units, and TXM units while Seasonic makes the TX V2 / HX / AX.

    Seasonic on the other hand is one of the best manufacturers out there and their a lot of other companies based their units off Seasonic designs. Popular ones like the Seasonic S12II/ M12II and its derivatives can be easily ofund in the $60-80 range while their high end units ( X-series / Platinum) can be found in the high end lines of Corsair, Antec etc.

    Quality power supplies like these will last many, many years.
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