Phenom ii x6 1045t or fx 6100

Looking to build a gaming rig on a budget. I need something capable of smooth multitasking, as I'm looking to start a youtube channel, so its important that this be able to easily run modern games, while recording with fraps and running some background programs like internet browser tabs, itunes, skype, etc. At stock speeds, which cpu will perform better for my needs? (This is my first computer and I'm pretty new to all this. I don't want to overclock just yet, although I might try 0.3 ghz or so on whichever one of these I get)
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  1. The Phenom II 1045T is going to outperform the FX 6100 significantly in multi-threaded tasks and will keep up with it in single threaded ones.
    My vote goes to the 1045T.
  2. 1045 , the 6100 8100 series were dogs .
  3. FX6100
  4. 1045, Phenom X6 will always be a monster in performance.
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