Hdmi splitter causes red lines on screen ?

Hey guys well this relates to my other thread that I posted in tv tuner but doesnt look like that section gets to much attention so Ima ask this here. Im trying to capture my game by using a 2 pc set up.

First pc has dual monitors and dual gpus

Second computer has the capture card

Thought I could just hook up and hdmi cable to one of the gpus and to the capture card but then it acts as another display and when I turn on my 2 screens all I have is the background and no icons. So that wont work.

Anyway I bought and hdmi splitter so that from the hdmi port on my gpu the signal can go to my monitor and to the capture card. :)

Problem is when I set it to 1920x1080 or 720p I get red lines and just these reddish circles on my monitor :( but when its on 640x 400 or some shitty res like that than its all good. Anyone know why that happens ?

Im just really pissed cause Iv been trying to get this to work for a few days now and I always come up on a problem. Now I dont know what to do I thought the splitter was what I needed. Also when I turn on my other pc the picture from my monitor disappears lol jussst great how em I suppose to game then lol, argggh. Any help would be nice before I smash this hdmi splitter into pieces.

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  1. I did answer on the other thread but also at a lost for a moment so unable to reply there. As an afterthought, when you connect the HDMI from the graphics card direct to the capture card, did you set the resolution to "duplicate" instead of extended desktop?
  2. I can try that but then the two monitors I use wont they be cloned ? So then its kinda useless having two screens.

    I see what you trying to say, maybe if I use one screen and then set it to clone I think that should work.
  3. so this is with no splitter.

    Gpu 1- Got one of my monitors hooked up via dvi to hdmi, Then I got the capture card hooked up to it via hdmi. These displays are cloned.

    Gpu 2 - My second monitor hooked up to it and is and extended display.

    So this all works now the only problem I have and I dont think I can do anything about it is that my monitor that is cloned is 1080p but the capture card does only 1080i 30hz and 720p 60 hz, so Im running my monitor at 720p which kinda sucks but I guess Im stuck with it or is there something I can do ?

    If I have it at 1080i 30hz my monitor flickers. I ll see how the game looks.
  4. There is progress at least. Good luck.

    By the way, in the other thread you said the capture card is the Avermedia AverTV PVR but when I google search, I mostly see DVR & can find exact link to the PVR. Do you have link to this? Thanks.
  5. Hmm the capture software doesnt see my screen though it just shows a black box. Wonder whats up with that.
  6. its the dvr one my mistake probably cuz I was pissed lol, here's the link to it

  7. I keep getting "This webpage has a redirect loop" for tigerdirect links. Can you confirm this is your card "Avermedia AverTV DVR" so I can search for other sites.
  8. ah hmm, and yes its the avermedia avertv hd dvr card. Now I read on some forums that the guy that hooked his stuff up didint even use a splitter. He used vga cable for his monitor and hdmi to the capture card. From the same gpu, now I tried that but with dvi and hdmi but my capture card software and my other software that I want to use to stream, they dont display anything.

    The card is found but all it is, is a black screen and no image and I dont understand why.

    Could it be my graphics card in my second pc ? Im using a shitty ass nvidia quadro fx 1400 128mb, maybe thats not enough.
  9. Actually I just tried another pc with a 6850 in it and the program still doesnt display the picture. Seems like its not getting the signal and currently Im hooked up using dvi and hdmi from one gpu. I tried both connections on the capture card and still nothing.

    I think one hdmi is In and the other one is out which is why it gets recognized as a third display.
  10. Okay well I some how managed to get it working and I get a nice 720p picture but I got one more problem.

    My monitor is a 27in 1080p and the capture card only does 720p or 1080i so I want 720p cause its at 60fps.

    The problem is that on my 27in the game looks like ***, blurry and not crisp at all. However when I look at the recording its nice a clean because it does 720p so its all good. But how can I get a clean picture while I play so I can enjoy the game ? Since I cant go above 720p or else the capture card wont recognize it.

    I also tried my 720 tv and it looks like crap as well, since the native res is 1360x768 or some crap like that and the game in 720p looks like crap on it as well so Im stumped as to what I can do now.

    Any Ideas ?
  11. Do you mean blurry & not crisp as "stretched"? Is the 27 inch native resolution only 1920x1080? Maybe its a 2560x1650 based on the size of the screen (unless it is a TV)?
  12. 1920x1080 is its native res, and blurry as in the words are blurry and not crisp, the details on the character are blurry and not defined. Maybe its because its stretched but I would think it would look better at least.

    Just the whole picture is not sharp.
  13. Quote:
    I did answer on the other thread

    And your point is?
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