CX430 V BP450

2 low end power supplies from a couple of our favorite providers
Is one really better than the other ?

+12v - BP is rated to provide 2 more amps

BP can do 123% of it's rated capacity, CX only 120%

BP peaked at 85.5% , CX at 85.4%

BP has 1 more Floppy connector

CX has all of it's cables sleeved and 6 inch longer 24 , 4/8 and 6 pin cables


BP - Capxon and Teapo
CX - Samxon and Teapo

Cost ( Newegg pricing )
BP typically $40 + shipping
CX typically $25 after a $20 rebate and free shipping

Let the games begin
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  1. Which ever is cheaper is the better one for someone looking to buy a good low end PSU. If they don't want a rebate that's normally the BP if they don't mind spending a bit extra to start it's the CX. Simple as that same as when you buy an CD/DVD burner the cheaper the better.
  2. There's also the antec vp-450w, it sells at 31$ on NCIX.
  3. 52 views and only 2 responses

    Good answer Andrew, still need to take the case being used into consideration

    Yes DJ, that's the one, how much is NCIX shipping ?
  4. I think it has free shipping :
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