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Hi Im new to tomshareware and sorry if i post this in the wrong section. I just have one question about upgrading a graphics card. I currently have a Hp pavilion p7-1003 and the integrated graphic card is ATI Radeon 4200. My CPU is AMD athlon II X4 650 3.2ghz. I was wonder if the gtx 550i is capable without the cpu being a bottleneck? or is it not enough to get the full potential of the gtx. is there a graphic card enough for this cpu without being a bottleneck? any suggestion would great!. or can i actually upgrade the cpu? cause i bought this comp pre built.
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  1. I think a 550 Ti would be fine. +1 above. Make sure that your motherboard and PSU can support it, though. What are the models of those?
  2. The CPU Cache will hold you back in some particular games, that's the major differences between Ahtlon II CPUs and Phenom IIs
  3. how can you check your motherboard models? my power supply is 250w, i know i have to get a better power supply...the games il be playing is like sims 3, dead island and mostly online games. no bf3 or cod..
  4. Yeah, get a Corsair Builder 430W. They're very cheap and quite reliable. The motherboard's model should be printed somewhere on it in lettering slightly more noticeable than the part names.
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