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Hi Guys me and my friend tried to lan n week ago and everything was fine but suddenly the LAN wont work, I cant connect to him when he host or if I host he doesnt see my server, Call of Duty - Modern Warefare doesnt work except if i connect through IP and its the same with World At War and with any other game that can connect through IP, the only game that we can Lan without connecting through the IP is Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel, ive check my antivirus and my firewall, my homegroup is the same as his and i can go into his shared folders and everything ANY SUGGESTIONS???
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  1. How are you connecting to each other? Are you both plugged into a router/switch? are you using a cable going from one computer to another?
  2. i found out that it is all my call of dutys that cannot connect or find any host
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