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I am planning to build a gaming PC/HTPC in either the early or middle part of next year. I plan to add a USB 3.0 expansion card with at least four ports. My question is should I go with PCI Express or PCI Express x1? Thanks
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  1. Why not just get a motherboard that comes with USB 3.0 ports / a case with front USB 3.0 ports? Makes a lot more sense to me.

    If you really need the card, go with PCIe.

    That being said, is this going to be a gaming PC or an HTPC? You should make up your mind, because the beasties are very, very different.
  2. I wouldn't say they are very different except in terms of how powerful they are. Any gaming pc can be an htpc.
  3. This setup is intended to be a cross between a gaming PC and a home theater PC.
  4. as for pcie slots, It depends on how many ports you want to have. The more ports you want the more pcie lanes you'll need. to expect a pcie slot to support the full bandwidth of usb3 you would need 10 lanes per port. 1 pcie v2 lane is 500mb/s and usb3 is 5000mb/s you see. A good coomprimise is a pcie x4 lane card with dual controllers for 4 ports. or a 2 port single lane card with 1 controller.
    If you're not planning much really high speed stuff like usb ssd's then a 4 port x1 card might do for you, for slower things like printers, modems, mice, keybds...
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