Hello is my computer over heating?

Oh the pain.. the pain! this has been going on for too long i need help :(

Here is my problem that continues to happen every month! for the passed 3 years

I'm working on a project in Cubase (music software) and boom! computer shuts right off no warning.
I turn it back on, open my project and....
Asio time usage is blasting really high! I would have to turn off any plugins for it to calm down. once i turn plugins back on its right back high.
Before the crash it was playing like a champ! now its messed.
This happens all the time to what ever project im working on.

Regarding my computer randomly turning off. i've changed the power supply 3 times in it.. because the more times it shuts off .. the better chance it will never turn on again until i get a new power supply. Dont know why.

I'm pretty sure computer shuts down only in cubase and not during idle..
Ps(I dont run any programs other then cubase and I dont use the internet on this computer also)

My specs

Sound card : fireface 400 (Buffer size 1024 samples)
Comp : Win xp intel 2 quad - 2.83 of physical ram | 4 installed

Please anybody

I took 4 snap shots of the heat. 3 with cubase on and 1 during idle
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  1. Well it is running hot ! even at idle it is hot, your idle temp should be your highest temp when comp is working full steam . Either your cooler needs a good cleaning or to be mounted with new paste . Is the fan even working ?
  2. Hello! thanks for the reply, yeah i posted the pic because i have no idea what any of those values mean..

    I did check the fan it is working at all times. Im also using a colormaster case that has 4 extra fans!

    how would i clean cooler? or maybe just get new paste??
  3. Get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of the cooler and other areas of computer , make sure to use a piece of plastic or wood like a pencil to keep the fan from spinning when you blow air ti clean . If it still runs hot like that after cleaning look to other options , like redoing the paste . Redoingthe paste means taking off the cooler , cleaning the surfaces of the cpu and cooler , applying new paste and re-installing
  4. Ok i will look into doing booth those things! thanks alot. would there be any other causes like power supply (Which i had to change 4 times) or anything else? or is the paste on the heatsink the problem? So i take it, its not safe to keep running the computer until i do the paste right?

    Also could one of my Ram sticks be toast? I installed 4 but its showing 2.83 of physical ram
  5. Start by cleaning , see if it improves . If you have a 32 bit OS and 4gb of ram and integrated video card , could be vid card and other stuff is using the 1.27 of ram , normal .
    Ram is fine most probably
  6. Thanks for the help so far Jerry! really appreciate it :)

    I cleaned it inside out. took the cpu fan off and got rid of alot of dust. Then I got Arctic silver 5 And took all the right steps to replace the heat sink paste. put it all back together and here is another snapshot

    This is about 5 10 min in just on idle.. I dont know how long it takes for the new paste to start working...
    Or when is a right time to look at the temperature readings, but here you go!

    let me know what you think.. again i dont even know what to look for



  7. Any one !?!?
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