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My daughter is a teacher and just got a new smart board installed. She has a Epson projector hooked up and can only get duplicate as an option in Windows 7. It will not let her use the projector as an extended display. She need to be able to change resolutions on each desktop as her laptop is wide screen at 16:10 and her smart screen is 4:3 ratio. She is a math teacher and needs to be able to make correct circles and graphs on both, one has circle while the other displays an oval. I have changed the resolution and can get one or the other to work right, but not both. As far as I know the only way to have different resolutions on each is with extended display. Any ideas what else I can try?

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  1. Hello Dryfly2;

    Model of that Epson projector? Is Smart Board a product name?
    Any advice from the Epson support website for that model?
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