I randomly get disconnected from internet!?

When i'm browsing through the internet i will just randomly get disconnected from the internet. But when i turn my modem off for like 5 seconds and turn it back on, it works again. Please Help!! as it is a pain to go to the other room and be disconnected while gaming
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  1. Lok for a modem firmware update and if that doesn't work buy a modem that doesn't drop you. You'll need to read reviews to figure out the good from the bad.
  2. run a malware scan and a good virus scan to make sure it not the modem. if your using a wifi router check that your router not open so that the whole street not on your network. you could have three issues. a bad cable...cut or it lose and slides in and out of the ethernet port and causes random packet loss. the network card is losing packets or has collisions..try running a network monitor program see if your dropping packets or having collisions. if you have a cable modem..dial into it look at it log..see if there any errors. look at the signal strenth and chsannel it using and power level. in a house with a cable modem..a bad box..splitter..wire or the line going into the house..if a squiral chrewed on it or tree rubed it bare you can have signal loss where the modem has to restart.
  3. Check if the dsl light is stable or not. It could be a problem with the ISP. Or the dsl chip in your modem has gone bad. Ask your ISP to check your line once. If everything is OK with your line then there is a problem with your modem. Restore the factory settings on your modem and reconfigure it once.
  4. Hey, i got the same problem i have a Cisco router with Linksys.
    I think that Cisco and Linksys has this problem, I've seen, "Randomly disconnects me from the internet when playing a game" ,on other post With The
    Same Setup or vary close to the same setup
    try another router it might work
    OR i could be the firewall like "Karsparsky"
    here's a link to that:
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