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Will i be able to play those games

Intel core 2 duo e7500 @ 2.93 ghz
ram - 4gb ddr3 1333mhz
gpu - ati radeon 6670 2gb ddr3
psu - cooler master 400w psar j3
hdd- 320 gb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm
mobo - asus p5g41t lx 3
monitor - samsung sync master 20 inch lcd
windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
and i play games at 1024x768 resolution .

I want to play max payne 3 on my pc and if i have to play it on medium or low settings what are the differences between low medium and high , i really cant compromise with graphics if there will be no change in graphics or little change in graphics then only i can play it on medium or low , so please help me out guys i'm a big fan of max i really need to play this .
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  1. Should play the game well at medium...maybe high.

    This guy says hes getting 50-60 fps with a 6670 and medium settings
  2. you do not need a good graphics card for games like that so you should be fine. watch the video that bavman posted, you might get a bit lower fps than the guy in the video because he has a faster processor but it should play smoothly on medium maybe high if you don't really care about fps.
  3. but what about graphics will i get bad graphics on medium settings ? , i don't care about fps i can play it on only 3o fps but i really need good graphics but i think i'm not gonna get good graphics at medium settings or i ?
  4. The 6670 is a nice mid range card,at a low resolution like yours, you should be able to max out settings without a hitch.
  5. It mean if i play this game at my low resolution , i can play this game at maxed or high settings without any problem like with awesome speed and graphics ? please reply fast
  6. Oh I totally overlooked your resolution. 1024x768? The 6670 will blow it out of the water lol. You should easily be able to set it on the highest quality and still get playable framerates
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    bavman, playable would be an understatement, the graphics would be the games thing, but youd be able to max them out, NO problem.
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  9. Long live tom's hardware !!!!!!!!
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