Any one using these deepcool fans ?

just picked up a few , along with a few noctua , any good ? They look to be built well , and going by the quality of the deepcool cooler i bought figure i'd give them a shot . Replacing all the cheap fans that came with the cases , now that I have a quiet cpu cooler I hear the factory fans ! So do they move a lot of air , and are the quiet ? And do they last ? Unlike noctua they DON'T have a 6 year warranty
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  1. THE FANS ARE GREAT !! Noctua quality , come with many extra adapters , rubber coating absorbs vibration , the 120mm puts out more air than my noctua f-12 makes less noise . The 80 mm is dead quiet as well , moves more air than the other 80 mm fans I have . Both are really well built , expensive but worth the money , noctua quality/price with better colours .
  2. I am an they are great so far. Just had to resurrect this old thread too :)
  3. Memhorder said:
    I am an they are great so far. Just had to resurrect this old thread too :)

    The 120uf mm fans were just on sale $9.00 at the egg . picked up 4 more , funny as the logiysis 120sf 120 were $22.00 and they are the exact same fan , they(logiysis) used to come in a fancy box , maybe that explains the price dif .
  4. Yeah I've got a couple Deepcool DC Fan Xfan 120L/B and today I just compared them to the Corsair AF 120's. They push a hell of a lot more air than those highly regarded AF series fans. I mean you could feel the air blowing from a foot and a half away where the Corsair fans you couldn't. I don't know why they aren't recommended by anyone. I'm sure they have some decent static pressure too because the have fairly wide blades. That's how I came across this thread because I was searching for some stats on SP. I had 2 AF 120's in the filtered front intake but I changed them.
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