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Just got my new cpu and i woopsed

OK so i just unboxed my AMD 965BE cpu that came in today and it was the last piece i needed to start building tonight.

Like a total dumbarse i sat the heatsink down on top of the cpu no thinking and some of the thermal paste stay on the plastic cover over the cpu but not much just a tiny think layer. it still looks liek theres lots of paste on the heat sink this model comes with thermal paste pre applied and i had no idea at first...

Can i still safely go ahead and do this or should i get more and apply? Ive hear that too little isnt good but too much isn't either.

I took some pics but not sure how to up them here. If anyone would liek to see it first i can email them would like to know soon so i can start working on it.

Thanks in advance i appreciate it!!
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    If it is just staining the plastic and plenty is left on the cooler you should be fine.
  2. Whats your temperatures? If they're fine, don't worry
  3. rolli59 said:
    If it is just staining the plastic and plenty is left on the cooler you should be fine.

    yeh its just like a small film on the plastic not very much. the heatsink still has a pretty good amount from the looks of it but one corner kinda smeared... Anyhtign to worry about there?

    Anonymous said:
    Whats your temperatures? If they're fine, don't worry

    Nothings plugged in. didnt wanna chance it without some advice first.
  4. I think it will be fine.
  5. +1^
    I agree. You'd have to have removed at least 1/4 of it to make any difference, and then not all that much difference. I would use it without worry. But be sure you didn't contaminate the TIM. If you set the cooler on top of the clam shell case the CPU sits in, it should be nearly as surgically clean as the CPU's heat spreader.
  6. ^ Even if you screw up like I did last weekend (accidently set a Q6700 CPU pin-side-down on a paper towel I had used to wipe off some old thermal compound, when swapping out a defective mobo with a new one), all is not lost. Just use some rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips to clean it off the pins. You want to make sure the pins and socket are absolutely free of any foreign material, esp. TIM because it'll short out and either cause your CPU to not work or even smoke it.

    A lot harder to clean TIM off a socket but it can be done as well. Luckily I have a 3D optical microscope so easy for me to check the CPU pins (actually land grid array to be precise) for foreign material.
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  8. Thanks so much for your help guys got it all up and running and its stable with good temps. Was worried for a sec.
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