CM GX 650 D3 model 3000rpm all the time

the PSU runs a single GTX 560 ti ( i have taken one out for now as i have 2 ) a stock FX8120 and about 6 fans + 1 hdd

this PSU is fresh from the box from amazon and had only been used for 30mins now and it is consistently running 2700-3000 rpm and im pretty sure its not getting hot as the air its blowing out is cold
the next lowest thing that is running is the CPU fans at 1.2k rpm and the 2nd one at 600

On the box amidst the boasting it says it features a controlleable fan on the PSU which i find hard to believe and it is also mentioned on their website

if someone can shed some light on this i would appreciate it greatly
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  1. How do you know the fan is spinning at 2700-3000RPM?

    According to reviews the GX-650W (RS-650-ACAA-D3) uses an ADDA AD1212HS-A71GL, which according to its spec sheet has a max speed of 2200RPM.
    Cooler Master also claim that the fan speed range is 1000-unknownRPM (max is somewhere between 1500 and 2000RPM). I personally think 1000RPM is too high in idle for a PSU to be considered quiet.
    There is an internal logic circuit is supposed to adjust the speed of the fan according to temperature (in most modern units).

    Are you bothered by the noise?
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