Headphone jack not working

Not sure if this goes here or not but since the computer is new thought I would ask here, move it if it needs to be.

My front headphone jacks on my new computer are not working properly anymore. They worked fine for the first week or so then today my realtek audio kept spamming me that the headphones were being plugged in and out constantly.

I decided to just uninstall the realtek audio, and that worked for maybe an hour - then the audio started going in and out and now has finally died completely (though I hear some static)

Anyone know how to fix this? I know my headphones (which are also new) are fine because I don't have this problem on my laptop.
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  1. Have you checked to make sure the HD audio connector on the motherboard isn't loose? I would suspect this is not a software problem, but a problem with the computer case (wiring). Is it a decent case? What is it? How about the motherboard?
  2. sorry for the slow reply.
    the case is the haf 912 from coolermaster and the motherboard is msi h61m-e23 =)

    I checked the audio on the motherboard but I'm not sure how to get to the other side - in the case itself. I guess I would have to start cutting into the case. =/
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