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Hi guys, I have an ATI 6870, and I'm getting a 6850 that a friend of mine is not using anymore, I know I can CrossFire those card even if they are not exactly the same, and I know my 6870 will work as a 6850, but well 2x6850 is better than just 1 6870...
Now my concern is power consumption, I have a OCZ GameXStream 700W ( ), it comes with 1 8-pin connector and 1 6-pin connector, my 6870 needs both, so I was wondering if I could connect the other 6850 (this needs only 1 6-pin connector) with a 4-pin to 6-pin cable ( ), do you guys think I would be overloading my PSU by doing so?...

Right now I have connected:
-2 WD Green Sata 3 HDD
-1 SSD OCZ Agility 3
-Motherboard, 12GB RAM (6x2GB), Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.80
-5 Fans, and some cathode lights
-NZXT fan controller

I would appreciate your help

PD: If I run this PSU calculator, it tells me that my PSU can handle it but I just want to make sure so I wont burn it out or something ( )
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  1. No worries about it. 700W is enough for 6870+6850. I run 2x6950 on a Corsair HX620 using 2 Molex to 6PIN converters for the 2nd card without any problem. I also based my decision to do that on the psu calculator.
  2. It'll be fine, especially since the 6870 should clock itself at 775 MHz like the 6850.
  3. am crossfiring 2 6850s at the speed of 940/1150 /1.172v using 650 psu so i guess u would be fine even after extreme overclocking
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