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I have question needing urgent attention as I need to get going with my project asap...

I am setting up a small recording studio with minimum budget which will hopefully grow and expand as time goes on.

At the moment I am running all my Daws etc from my laptop as I cannot afford a Bigger system right now due to all the money I need to spend on interfaces, pre-amps, sound proofing, acoustic treatment etc etc etc but as mentioned I am hoping to expand in the future..

The laptop I am running is an Acer 5942G Aspire, Intel Core i7, Quad core processor (1.73GHz, 6mb L3 Cache) with a 640GB HDD, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 (1GB) with up to 3807MB "Hypermemory", 6GB DDR3 Memory.
VGA & HDMI Outputs, esata and USB 2.0 Ports.

My question?....
Will this system be sufficient to run 2 external monitors (If so how would I do this?) as well as run my DAW software and record artists as well as process my recordings without latency, pops, cracks or any type of system failure which will render my recordings useless????

I have seen HDMi to VGA converters and USB to VGA converters on youtube which seem to work but they only seem to mirror the desktop, am I able to use the VGA output and HDI output simultaneously and have two seperate displays?
I do not plan on using the internal monitor on the laptop, I plan on using the laptop only as my computer and closing the top when in use so there should be no extra CPU usage to run the internal monitor.
I have wireless keyboard and mouse connected so will not need the laptop to be open except when powering on.

Does anybody have some advice for me on how to set this system up to run efficiently in a recording environment?
I am running Windows 7.

I have also seen the Matrox Dual Head2Go units but these are a bit out of budget at the moment, I need to start off somewhere in order to build to a position where I can afford to upgrade..

Any advice will be hugely appreciated!!

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  1. doubt you can run 2 monitors on a laptop. ive tried but it gave me a duplicate image
  2. That laptop can definitely run 2 monitor. But it can't run 3 screens since that GPU does not support eyefinity and there is no display port. So you can run 2 external monitor, but then your laptop's own screen will be off or you can use 1 external monitor and use the laptop's own screen.

    You need to select extend desktop on CCC or screen will be dup.
  3. Thanks for your reply. As I said I will kot be using thr laptops own screen and will be closed.... So according this reply I can do it then? How would I do this? Do I run one off of VGA and the other from HDMI or how?
  4. Yes, one off VGA and the other HDMI.
  5. Thanks a million ill give it a try. Will it not affect my cpu for recording and processing? Lagging etc?
  6. Driving another screen for normal task takes very little effort. I doubt there will be any noticeable change. Gaming is another matter but since you are not, we don't have to go into that.
  7. Great! thanks again. I am no gamer but do know that muxing down recordings with a lot of plugins (reverbs, dynamics, effects etc) on each track does require amd use a lot of ram therefore the concern about extra ram used on monitors but ill give a bash and see what happens. Cheers!
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