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I was looking for reviews between AMD's and Intel's processors quite for a while, but all of the articles focuse on certain CPU's and compares them.
I want to ask in general, what are the differences between the two companies?

Thanks :P
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  1. Intel uses more advanced architectures for their processors at the moment, and AMD focuses more on including more cores, making budget friendly CPUs, and allowing users to overclock heavily. Realistically, both companies' products are great - but, again, its down to the end user. Most video encoders use Intel because the HD4000 graphics assist in the encode, meanwhile, overclockers enjoy AMD because of the headroom to overclock. Its all up to you! Whatever fits your budget, whatever has the best power efficiency, and whichever you feel is the fastest for what you do, friend.
  2. So the AMD's are usually cheaper?
    What affect does it have that Intel has more advanced architectures for their processors than AMD?
  3. Yes, AMD is usually a lot cheaper. More advanced core architectures lead to better overall performance (i.e. loading character AI in video, video encoding)
  4. Does it make Intel's CPUs more stable?
  5. Really, both processors are stable - only thing is modern Intel processors just run relatively quicker in some applications and are more energy efficient compared to AMD's processors.
  6. And do you think it worths the extra cash?
  7. I believe so, yes.
  8. Thanks alot for your quick, efficient answers =D
  9. You're welcome - happy computing! :D
  10. I'd like to add my 2 cents. Intel chips generally run much cooler than AMD's if you are talking the same general power level.
  11. My vote also goes towards Intel processors, they have been on the top of the game for quite a while.

    Also on a side note, nice to see this thread didn't go off the rail unlike this thread with the same topic :lol:
  12. Hello,
    As a owner of both processors, i have i3 2100(3.1Ghz) in Pc and a8 4500m(1900 - 2800 MHz) in my laptop. I think AMD performs better overall, both mashines have windows installed for quite a while so ... As i understand it Amd have 4 physical cores while Intel have multithreading technology when one core reach limit of set load then it "creates" new core, if computer is running on the line than it is much slower... I personally choose Amd trough Intel all the way, but there are more than yust processors(in my case both machines have 8gb of ram 1600Mhz). You can also check comparison done by some dude on youtube for FX 8350 and i5 3570k ( ), and Amd can overclock better so i read...
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