Connecting monitor to gpu or motherboard?

Can i connect my display to monitor and use the gpu when gaming??

Unfortunately my mobo is not supported the lucid virtu technology. (Thats suck when i bought the item and bring it back home then i realized this is the only 7 series mobo thats not support the lucid :fou: )

my comp spec
I5 3570k
Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3
8g lovo kingston ram
nvidia gtx 580
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  1. Connect display to GPU. It's not worth using integrated graphics anyway, since graphics cards don't use much power when not in use (like not playing games).
  2. that means i cant use the gpu when i connect to motherboard unless i get the lucid right??
  3. You need at least a Z68-ap-d3 from Gigabyte so you can connect your monitor to the HDMI port in the backpanel of the motherboard, and after enabling Lucid virtu you will be able to use the integrated GPU in your Sandybridge processor for HD videos or encoding (Qsync) and also using your high end GPU more demanding games ( without the need to connect your monitor to your GPU )
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