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Hello, like most I wish I had waited to get the 8500 or better built my own. I'd like to upgrade to EVGA's Super Overclocked GTX 670 with 4 GB of GDDR5. Problem is, as I have read here, Dell's BIOS won't support the GTX 600 series GPU and they aren't planning to do so. I'm ready to upgrade the PSU (shouldn't be too hard even for a noob, like me...any suggestions in the $80-100 range). Thre are cheap microATX mobo's out there but I have the OEM version of W7 Pro that is mated to the Dell board. I already cloned the OS and the more vitaal programs onto Kingston's HyperX 120 GB SSD (with Dell's customer help line assisting, go figure.)
Should, I just order the EVGA card and hope it works and RMA it if it doesn't work? Or should I get a really fast ATI Radeon and upgrade the PSU. The system has an i7-2600 (no k = no overclocking), 16 GB of RAM and the HD 6700 card in it already but I've seen that even a 6870 could triple the frame rates for a lot of games. If you have any thoughts or parts suggestions, I am all ears... including, save the money and build a Haswell system in another 6 months to a year.
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    With AMD's 12.7 beta drivers, the 7970 (regular version, not the ghz edition) is finally comparable to the 670, you could certainly go that route for the same price.

    Unless you plan to use two or more cards in SLI/crossfire later and you're gaming at higher than 2560x1440, 4gb of RAM is a waste. 2gb is more than enough for a single 670 or 7970.

    good luck!
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