Will my PC Bottleneck a GTX 670?

Hey, Ive been wanting to buy an EVGA GTX 670 but im wondering if my pc will bottleneck the card.
here are my specs:
CPU: AMD PHENOM II X2 550 3.4ghz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800mhz
PSU: ULTRA LSP 750 pro
HDD: 500gb 7200RPM
Please tell me if I should upgrade my PC and if my PC will bottleneck the GTX 670.
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  1. yes it will bottleneck like crazy!!

    I had a dual core e6500 3.0ghz and a gtx 560 ti combo and it did worse than my mate's q9650 and a 9600gt combo. A 9600gt did better than a gtx 560 ti superclocked!!! talk about bottlenecks!

    I'd suggest you to change your mobo/cpu to AT LEAST an intel i5 2450/h61 mobo. Could cost you less than 270. And then put whatever gpu you want in that system. But DO NOT make the same mistake that I did and put a gtx 670 along with a amd phenom 2 cpu. They wont get along well.
  2. Anyone have suggestions for motherboards/cpus/ram ??
  3. Is a Power supply upgrade really needed?
  4. Ok thank you so much ill go with the 212 EVO and what do you think about the ram and motherboard?
  5. If you are getting the latest tech for the motherboard and gpu I would get a i5 3570 then. It will only cost you $5 more after gift card..
  6. Meant 3570k and that can be overclocked.
  7. Ill stick to the 2500k thanks for all the help guys
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