Intel 3570k, 3770k or 3930k For Gaming Computer?

Hi, I'm having a hard time deciding between the intel i5 3570k, i7 3770k and i7 3930k processor for my gaming computer I'm building.

i guess my question is: will i see a noticeable improvement if i chose to buy an i7 instead of an i5 and if i did should i go for a 3770k or 3930k, I can't really say I'm completely sure what the differences are, I'm a bit new to all this :/ thanks for any help anyone can give me in advance, i really appreciate it!

Oh and I plan on using an asrock z77 extreme6 motherboard unless someone knows a motherboard that would work better, and am i right that i shouldn't use ram that runs at over 1600mhz with these processors? i think i remember reading that somewhere, thanks again :]
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  1. For an asrock z77 extreme 6 only lga 1155 cpus, meaning only the i5-3570k or i7-3770k, and for gaming the best cpu will be the i5-3570k, no improvements with the i7 for gaming, the extra $ spend on some gfx card like 670 gtx or 7970.
  2. ^ its true. Never buy an extreme edition unless you do like graphics design and video ending - 6 cores with 12 threads offers no extra performance in gaming. Just get a 3570K, a good video card, and a cooler to overclock the i5.
  3. Hey, thanks for the replies :] the graphics card I'm planning on buying is a EVGA GeForce GTX 680 4GB Classified, though i know theres a FTW model aswell and with my experience i can't see much difference between the two so i just chose the classified
  4. You use multiple monitors? Don't focus on RAM too much otherwise
  5. yeah 3 monitors :], about the 3570k not supposed to be run with ram higher than 1600mhz, is this true? thanks so much for the help by the way guys means alot
  6. You can buy two 670 gtx 2Gb for ~700$ or a 7970 GHZ edition 3GB or two 7970 for the same price(700$), it will better for triple monitor.
  7. 1600 is fine, RAM makes little difference really! You're welcome felixx :D Anytime
  8. djangoringo said:
    You can buy two 670 gtx 2Gb for ~700$ or a 7970 GHZ edition 3GB or two 7970 for the same price(700$), it will better for triple monitor.

    Oo would it? noticeably better than a 680 4gb?
  9. The 680 gtx 4GB at 5760x1080 will be barely playable see this : ( SLI with reference card, expect better fps) (it's a 680 gtx 4GB)
  10. Dual overclocked 670s in SLI make a difference, they're just as good if not better than 680 - but more power use.
  11. so what would you say the clear best graphics card for my setup would be thats not massiely more than the 680? with a 3570k and 32gb 1600mhz g.skill RAM
  12. I don't know much about overclocking too be honest so not sure when I'll be going into that
  13. Well I mean, if you're going with one GPU because of overall costs and what not - 680 is great, but two 670s that are overclocked and in SLI perform better - but the costs go up. Of course, you could get 2 680s and go crazy in SLI with that - all preference :3
  14. If your planing to go with a triple monitor setup, i recommend you going with a SLI setup of 670 gtx 2GB EVGA FTW or a single monitor a single card, e.g. the 680 gtx.
  15. so two 2gb 670's if i plan on a triple screen setup?
  16. When you do SLI, isn't the video RAM limited to the RAM of one card?
  17. two 2GB gtx 670 will do for triple monitor most games will not use the 2GB or will use just about that(if you lower the aa), or you could buy two evga GTX 670 FTW+ 4GB, more "future proof" for ram usage, but will cost about 900$.
  18. I think he should just get a 680 now then, and maybe another down the road.
  19. Yes, but if he want to play right now with triple monitor, he will need the two cards, there's also the 7970 3GB Reference card for ~380$, two in crossfirewill cost about ~760$ and will deliver great performance for 5760x1080.
  20. True, true. Hm. Hell he should just get a 690 - expenses now, but less money in power usage in the long run.
  21. lol, the guy will go broke with our recommendations, the 690 gtx is also good but at 1000$, 2x 2GB 670 gtx will be the cheapest (700$), and honestly it will do fine(same performance).
    But if he has only money for one card, i'd recommend the 7970 3GB GHZ edtion Sapphire Vapor-X it will be better than any 680 gtx card.
  22. xD Probably best thing to do is go with Radeon - very good, and much more budget friendly.
  23. I'd try a single 7970 3GB... Also, go down to the Extreme4 unless you need all the extra connections (probably don't for a gaming rig). Finally, 32GB RAM? Go with a max of 16GB, 1600MHz, 1.5V.
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