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I spilled some sugary tea on my mouse and my scroll wheel got sticky, so I opened it up and washed the scroll wheel with hot water to melt the sugar away. Now my scroll wheel, despite being set to scroll 3 lines per one notch of the wheel, will only scroll 3 lines per 7 notches, then it changes to 3 lines per 17 notches, and then back to 3 lines per 7 notches again, and 3 lines per 17 notches afterwards, repeating like this. In other words, in order to scroll a page with my mouse, i have to roll the wheel through 7 notches for one movement of the page, and then it changes to 17 notches for the next movement, and then back to 7 notches, and then 17, repeat.

My mouse driver is up to date.

Any Ideas as to why this is happening and how I may solve it?
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  1. Sounds like time for a new mouse. If it wasn't the tea that did it, it was the washing with hot water. The switch bodies were penetrated by water.
  2. just buy a new mouse, dude :) buy a Genius mouse at around 10-15 dollars depending on what u want (wireless, blueEye, gaming mouse...) u just connect it and ur ready to go :) no driver needed lol
  3. The issue went away on its own, I guess there was still some liquid in there.
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