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hello everyone

i am hoping someone could help me with this issue i started having. it seems none of my USB devices will install sucessfully on my PC. when i plug in one it instantly tell me it was unable to install it. at first i though it was just the one device but i have a USB mouse and keyboard too so i tried them in one of the other USB ports and it failed the same way too i also tried uninstalling the USB root hubs and controllers in device manager but they will not install too. i ruled out that it is not a hardware problem because my USB keyboard will let me go into the BIOS and still works. the only way i was able to get my keyboard and mouse back was to remote in and perform a system restore. the only things i could find were to replace the usbscan.sys with a new one i got from another computer i have but no effect. so other than backing up everything and reinstalling windows does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Thank you
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  1. no didn't find anything about that. i will give it a try

  2. well it turned out that did not work. i tried it with the printer i was trying to setup and also moveed my mouse to another USB port and keeps coming back not able to find the driver
  3. would check on motheboard maker to see if there is a new bios that could correct this or driver update for chipset
  4. the problem is not that i cannot find the driver the problem is windows cannot find it nor install it even though it is
  5. I had this problem on a laptop once and the way I fixed it was to reset the BIOS to defaults. When it booted the USB ports worked fine. If you try this remember to go back into BIOS and set your desired preferences again.
  6. defaulting the BIOS didn't work and i installed that latest BIOS over a year ago and after i installed it i had no problems with USB

    but thanks for the suggestions
  7. thanks but nothing in that link worked as well.
    reinstall chipset drivers
    it made me go throught the troubleshooter but the only thing it was able to come up with was to make the printer that wasn't working the default printer
    USB root hubs. already tried that and lost my keyboard and mouse and had to perform a system restore via remote desktop to get them back
  8. does your printer have win 7 driver,colud post name and model if you wish
  9. scout_03 said:
    does your printer have win 7 driver,colud post name and model if you wish

    if you read my OP you will find out it is not just a printer its any new USB devices i try to connect that fail. i even tried moving a USB device that is working on my computer like my keyboard to a different USB port and it failed installing the driver but i connect it back to the USB port it was in before and the keyboard will work again
  10. realy strange behaviour would check every usb connector carefullly for bent pins or a wire that connect to those and the motherboard look like it made intermittent contact try the voltmeter test with power then power off to read impedance on each port , when you plug something in usb device
  11. i don't believe it would be that as well. i use VMware and was able to install a new USB device on the VM successfully
  12. thanks for all the suggestions everyone has given me but after having this issue for a few days i just decided to back everything up and reformat. after reinstalling windows is having no issues with USB devices
  13. windows behavior glad you got everything back
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