NO BIOS or POST Screen on new build

Hey Guys,

I recently finished a new build, most of the parts are refurbished from another computer I had upgraded, so I can confirm the CPU, Mobo and video card worked before this. I purchased a new power supply also. The only think that may cause problems is the hard drive. The drive hasn't been used since 2008 so that my be a problem.

The mobo is an Asus P7P55D-E
video card: Asus 5770
CPU: Intel i7 2.93 Ghz. It's older than a Sandy Bridge, I don't remember the numbers on it.

My problem is that once I had everything assembled and plugged in, I booted it up and I didn't get anything on-screen. No BIOS, no POST, nothing. All the LEDS in the case turned on and all the fans spun, so does anyone have any suggestions as to why this does not work? Thanks!
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  1. Check you plugged in the 6-8 pin power connector from the PSU to the 6-8 pin connector located next to the cpu socket. Connect the lead from the power supply that says Pci-e 12v to the back of the graphics card if needed. If the board has an onboard graphics solution go into the bios and turn it off, make sure pci-e is selected as the default graphics video output display. and have a check that the board will run with the I7 chip you have, this can be found on the maker of the motherboard`s web site under cpu support list.. You will need to check what bios revison the Cpu works with, and check that your board has the correct bios revison to run the Cpu. The version of the bios should be found by looking at the motherboard model, and just after it in small print the bios revision or a sticker on the bios chip located next to the cmos battery. If the case and the bios version of the board is lower than the stated revision needed on the cpu support list then you have hit a wall, in order to update the bios for the I7 to work you would have to fit a chip known to work with the current bios revision of the board and then update the bios to use the I7 cpu chip.
  2. Did you use this motherboard and CPU together before? The processor is a 1st Gen Sandy Bridge LGA1156 may be a i7-870 or i7-940. The motherboard does support the i7-870 but I don't think it supports the i7-940.

    What about the RAM are you sure it works? Do you get any beep code? Are you sure you seated the VGA card all the way? Re-seat the VGA card and be sure the RAM is properly installed.
  3. I have used this mobo and CPU together, they used to be in my older computer. I checked all the plugs and such, and everything is seated properly, everything is plugged in. The mobo does not have onboard graphics so no dice there. Also, the ram is new, so I hope it would work, it is that exact model I believe.

    So still no clue why it does not work, any other ideas?
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