Intel I5 3570K vs AMD FX-8350 + SSD

So I know the i5 3570k vs AMD FX-8350 question has been asked before, but right now the 8350 is on sale for $190. I was going to go for the i5 since I am mostly a gamer, but since I'm on a budget... Getting the 8350 instead and spending my savings on an SSD for my OS/Steam is looking pretty good.

Anyone have opinions?

AMD FX-8350:

Intel i5 3570k:
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  1. actually they all do the same thing: process information. whichever u choose will do great as long as the specs are the ones u want. Intel CPUs are expensive, but they are a charm, and Intel is the leader in the CPU industry. AMD is like the #2 in the CPU industry (after Intel of course), so their products are still good (but not as much as Intel :D).
    AMD tends to be cheaper than intel, so if ur in the budget and NEED the CPU now, get the AMD, if not, save a little more and get the Intel :)

    P.S. im kind of an Intel fanboy :P
  2. Spend the extra 20-30$ and go Intel i5-3570K
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