GPU problem i discovered today.. help :)

Hello, my friends :)

today i decided to play AC:B in my PC, and a while after i was playing, the game began to crash ocassionaly and then it returned to normal. i also noticed that the GPU fan speed drops on its own and doesnt go back to the level i had it before. What could be the problem? i have an nVidia Gefore GTX 550 Ti and a 600W PSU. i also use the profiles in nvidia performance to control the fan speeds. When im playing games, i set the fan to around 2500 rpm and when reading e-mail (so to speak), i leave it in user default (auto control). This has never happened before and today it randomly started.

The GPU temperature are quite normal too, around 60ºC while playing games and 37-43ºC on idle.

i would appreciate a lot if some 1 helps me on this :) cuz nothing similar is to be found on google lol
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  1. Hi :)

    Try setting it to either AUTO or MAX FOR GAMES....see what happens..

    All the best Brett :)
  2. hi brett. :)
    actually.. when i was playing the game, i had it in max and it still happened. when i leave it in auto, the GPU increases temperature to around 80ºC cuz the rpm doesnt increase as much.
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