I7-3770K + 7870 or i5-3570K + 7950

Hey guys,

So, I'm making a new computer and would love to have some of y'alls opinion on something.
Due to budget constraints, I have to choose between an i7-3770K CPU with an AMD 7870 GPU OR a i5-3570K CPU with a AMD 7950 GPU.

I plan to put this combination in a Asus P8Z77-VPro Motherboard.

I will primarilly use the computer in a mix for both gaming and every day regular use.
I'm not a huge gamer, but I do like to play multiplayer FPS and RTS games (CS:GO, BF3, etc..).

so, which combination would you go with it?
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  1. The i5 + 7950. An i7 adds nothing to gaming.
  2. For daily use and gaming the best will be i5-3570K CPU + AMD 7950, you'll get better gaming performance and with a cpu that will be meeting your needs.
    The i7 is more for video editing, image editing, for gaming and normal use there is no difference between the two.
  3. Every single person on this forum will tell you the I5+HD7950 is the better option...
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