670 vs 7970 for unreal engine 4

So once I hopefully get my good average, I want to get a new computer and am deciding on what card to get. I read off some website that the 7970 has 3.79 tflops of power while the 670 has only 2.5. Unreal engine needs at least 2.5 teraflops for 30 fps and 30fps is too low for me. Should I cough up extra $$ for the 6970 or just go with the 670 or just wait? (since I plan to get it in august)
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  1. Unreal Engine 4 features PhysX. It will be essential to run on an Nvidia card. In general Unreal Engine games (Mass Effect 3, Bioshock, Batman: Arkham, Bulletstorm, TERA, Borderlands, Deus Ex, etc.) will run better on a GTX 670, even with PhysX disabled.
  2. I can max some of those games (the ones I have)on a OC HD5850, so I wouldn't say it's essential.

    August is a long way's out, I think it would be more intelligent to wait prices will be different then.
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