I5-3570K High Stock Voltage?

So I just picked up a i5-3570k that I am using with a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H. I am not overclocked or anything like that, but I noticed that my vcore hits 1.361 under full load and 1.224v idle. From what I have read this seems pretty high to me. Should I be concerned about this or is this acceptable with an Ivy Bridge processor?
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  1. its below the max

    no actual stock voltage--just a voltage range--each cpu will be slighly different

    but it shouldnt be that high on stock speed

    you could set llc lower in bios and use an offset voltage in the bios

    1.361v is the sort of figure i would expect if you were overclocked to 4.5ghz +
  2. How much lower would you recommend lowering the llc? I am new to working with voltages so I want to get this right.

    Also, if I were just to leave it as it would I be looking at a decreased life for my processor?
  3. That won't affect the life of your CPU at all. If you overvolt, it will, but not by much - processors are generally built to last around 40 years, so think that way.
  4. its up to you

    but if you got a k series cpu you could overclock it

    are you using the stock cooler?

    my llc only needs to be on standard up to about 4.5ghz--though my 2600k will be a little different to a 3570k

    if llc is on auto set it to one of the lower options

    or just leave as is and up your multiplier to overclock it

    just keep an eye on cpu temps with real temp or similar
  5. U guys never answered this. Cpu-z reports a 1.200v at 100% load and 1.265 at idle load when the cpu is at 1.6ghz. After reading few thing about the cpu it seems that 1.185 is optimal for 4.0 and right now this is not even overclocked.
  6. Btw same board
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