GTX295 Black Screen of Death - Graphics card warranty?

So, this is a problem I have for like 1,5 years with my ASUS GTX295 TOP.

While playing games like WoW, Diablo 3, Skyrim my screen would go black, sound would go on for some time and then go off, keyboard doesn't react, it all becomes quiet and I can't do anything. It can crash so randomly it's not even funny, it can be quiet for days, weeks even, and then crash 5 times per day.

Resetting PC won't work because I'm getting 1long 3short beeps and it won't move on, I have to power my PC off and turn it on again (according to my p6t deluxe v2 mobo it means 'No VGA detected').

My temps are perfectly normal (GPU ~55-60C). , playing BF3 which gets it to ~70C and it doesn't crash, my PC doesn't crash on every game - played BF3, SWTOR, Tera Online for hours and nothing happens.

During this period I replaced my PSU and RAM, problem still persisted. I underclocked my graphics card and I 'thought' it helped, I played 5 months without black screen crash in WoW. And now Diablo 3 came out and it started all over again, crash crash crash while playing D3.

I got pissed off and decided to replace graphics card with GTX560Ti, and I managed to finish my god damn Diablo 3 normal playthrough without any crash. 2+ weeks without a crash.

Now, here comes a question: I still have my GTX295 on warranty, would ASUS accept it? Seeing as it's so random and it didn't affect all games, would they be able to find the problem?
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  1. Most of the time it is the card. My gfx was bad like yours and i replace with new one. Make sure it is gfx and get it RMA. You will get a new card.

    Try reseat the card in slot again. Best thing is, check it on yours friends pc. So the problem will be clear.

    Maybe card is lose from its slot. So first reseat it carefully.
  2. If it didn't affect all games I think ASUS would blame the drivers, so maybe they wont accept it. By the way which drivers are you using?
  3. Assuming you have updated graphics drivers, and a suitably strong PSU, it is likely that the card is defective.

    The TOP is a factory overclocked card. You could experiment with reducing the overclock to see if it becomes more stable. If it does, you can either keep it, or turn it in based on the warranty.
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