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Ok, so you guys probably get a lot of threads like this, but I really need help choosing a new graphics card. I currently have an old GTS 250 and feel that it's time to finally move on.

I have a budget of about $300-$350, any suggestions?
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  1. Full specs, please, and budget too.
  2. Full specs:

    GTS 250

    AMD Athlon II x4 630 @ 3.2 GHz (Pretty weak, but will have to do for now)

    4GB DDR3

    Corsair TX 750w PSU

    And I always game at 1920x1080
  3. Case? Clearance issues are always a biggie :)

    What games do you play?

    What resolution monitor do you use?
  4. I'm not sure what kind of case it is, but I have an old 9800 GX2 (which is HUGE) and it fits in it just fine.

    And I've been playing more recent, demanding games

    Witcher 2

    Max Payne 3

  5. I'd go with GTX 570. It's priced just below $300 and performs just below HD 7870 (around 3%), which is 60$ more expensive.
  6. Good early selection with your psu! - giving you a bit of gfx choice headroom at this stage.

    Like the others said, you don't want to be bottlenecked by your cpu or held back by your monitor resolution. What you can get with only changing the gfx card is a big improvement in gameplay :) so, with a little help from tom's, and parting of cash, we're pretty much focusing on this page (from the latest roundup i.e. newest/current cards):,3107-4.html

    - they all have 'great' - 'excellent' game playability at 1920x1200 - and you'll save some money!!
  7. Well I am switching over to intel later this year (maybe sometime this summer or fall) and I have the funds to get a new GPU that will last me a few years instead of just getting a low/mid range one again.

    So should I just wait until then to get a new graphics card, or go ahead and get one now?
  8. The cards suggested by us above are more upper mid to low high range and should all be perfectly ok for another 2 years. However, if you wait, prices should fall and new opportunities may appear :) (but you don't get gameplay boost right now :( ).

    If you want to buy now for your current and a future system you may be asked to list the main components of your new system before best advice is given e.g. a gtx670 is well regarded as an excellent high end choice for a gaming board (not so much cuda).
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