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I3 2100 with GTX 650 ti or i3 3220 with GTX 650

Hey guys, so I'm gonna buy a barebones from tigerdirect. It's either gonna be this, or this,

Getting something else is out of the question. I'm just wondering which one I should get because the i3 2100 comes with a GTX 650 ti. The other one is an i3 3220 with a GTX 650. Please help! :)

btw, I'm new to the forums. But I'm liking what I see! :D
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    the first rig with the GTX 650 Ti, the 200 Mhz faster i3 will give you no real benefit, better GPU will help more in this situation and the motherboard in the first kit is much better quality.
  2. agree with scorpinock2
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  4. Thank you! :D
  5. Its MORE than 200MHz. The power efficiency changed, the core architecture is different - there's a performance difference between the two, more than 200MHz.
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