Frustrated- Do I Need a New Video Card or Receiver?

Hey all, I'm seeking help to a very strange problem.

I've had my HTPC- Intel i7 860, Asus P7P55D, 8GB DDR3, Crucial 256GB M4, Win7, Radeon HD5770 HDMI -> Onkyo TX-SR707 -> Samsung 720p LCD working perfectly for years, never ever had a problem.

I just bought a Sapphire Radeon HD7850 for summertime gaming because I plan on getting a 55" 1080p LED soon. I installed it a couple nights ago, ran 3D Mark 2011, scored great, then played some YouTube videos because friends were over...

and I discovered that in EVERY video I played, the audio would skip, or cut out/drop out for a second (and the receiver would show no audio signal) and then the sound would come back on just like that. Video is not affected.

At first I thought it might have been the Flash hardware acceleration, so I unchecked that. Still cut out. Then I tried a HTML5 video, still cut out. Then I looped music on iTunes, still cut out for a second, about every 2-5 mins. Then I tried Catalyst 12.3, 12.4, 12.5 beta, and 12.6 beta. Still randomly dropped signal for a second in anything I played.

Then I formatted, still same problem. Then I put my HD5770 back in, and viola, everything played perfectly.

Hmmmm, so it is a faulty 7850??? I then put the 7850 in my office comp (Intel E6600, Gigabyte P35-DSL3, 4GB DDR2), and the audio still skipped in everything I played. I put my HD5770 in this computer, and viola, everything plays fine.

--=So it has to be the 7850 right??? I then connected my 7850 HDMI directly to my Samsung LCD INSTEAD of my Onkyo. NO audio drops at all!!!!!!!=--

So is it my receiver or the 7850? I don't want to get a new 7850 only to discover my Onkyo 707 still has the same issue, and I'm hesitant to get a new receiver (although I want to get one that supports 3D for my soon to be new 1080p TV) only to find out that the new one also exhibits the same problem.

What should I do?
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  1. before you pull any hair out i would email ati and the tv company. the receiver shows it 1.3a for hdmi. the newest rev is 1.4 i would see what rev both video card support. I would also pick up a new cables. if your old cables are a few years old they may not be ready for hdmi 1.4. that the new video card may be at.
  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I forgot to mention that I tried new HDMI 1.4 cables I bought from monoprice, and I've tried different inputs on the Onkyo, didn't help.

    I just emailed Sapphire, AMD, and Onkyo, and posted this on about a dozen forums.

    Hopefully someone will have an answer
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