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Hi everyone

I've been picking and choosing parts for quite some time now for my first build but I'm getting pretty bogged down with getting my power options right. Could someone please have a look at the part's I've suggested and give me some ideas please?

I've got a budget of about £150 but I'm happy to pay a bit more to get something reliable

Also - I know there's a PSU in that build at the moment but it was just there as a potential candidate.

Overclocking is a possibility whenever I eventually feel I need it and I'm also tempted to go SLI when the times right too. So please bare that in mind

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  1. the corsair 850W is overkill for a single 670. 750W should be enough for a 24/7 overclock and 2 670s. 520-600 for a single 670 with overclock.

    I'd go with the Seasonic S12 II 520W for a single gpu.
  2. this is better

    buy the psu from
  3. Be Quiet Dark Power Pro P10 750W (£132 @ AriaPC, Ebuyer, Scan)
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