MAX memory speed of A10 APU and Integrated Graphics Question.

I'm completely new to building computers and want to get the a10 or a8 apu from AMD. I know you need fast system memory but I'm confused as to how fast.

On some websites people sat that the a10 only supports 1866 or 1600mhz memory but the motherboard I'm using says its made for amd APUs as it's memory speed is up to 2400Mhz.

Can I use 2400Mhz on the A10 CPU.

Also, should I wait for Haswell integrated graphics or the next line of AMD APUs. I don't want to have to spend money on a graphics card.
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  1. Your motherboard most likely supports 1600 and 1866 Mhz. stocked clocked memory, and 2133 Mhz. -2400 overclocked memory. In other words, yes you could use 2400 Mhz. memory on an a10 cpu, but it would be factory overclocked to 2400 Mhz. Also, you should wait for the next line of amd apus. It is rumored to have better graphics performance than an hd7750.
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