My computer freezes while playing games.

i just recently built a computer and it will freeze whenever i try playing games. my specs are.

asrock z77 pro4 motherboard

Intel i5 3570k processor with built in intel HD 4000 graphics

1tb barracuda hard drive

4gb of RAM

730W power supply.

any help at all would be appreciated
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  1. what games are you trying to play? and you didnt mention a graphics card in there, so i assume you dont have one. if you're trying to play on the onboard graphics, thats why its freezing. theyre not made for gaming really.
  2. What games are you trying with? Is this happening with any game you try? What about watching videos and such? When it freezes, is your computer just very slow, does it recover, or is it completely frozen and you have to perform a hard shutdown?
  3. im trying to play games similar to bioshock 2 and Blacklight: Retribution.
    I have no graphics card just the IGPU
  4. I have to perform a hard shutdown.
  5. Yeah those games will require a discrete graphics card. I have a decent system with a decent graphics card and it didnt even play blacklight very well. I would suggest saving money for a graphics card and taking it easy on the games until then to not damage your components
  6. bioshock 2 taxes my pc with a decent gpu. using the igpu is spitting to put out a forest fire - its not going to start or end well.

    the igpu is really only intended to speed up video rendering etc, not play games on
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