Crossfire 5670s ??


i have msi 5670 1gb ddr5 oc edition
now i know that this card is not the ultimate gaming card and not even close

it says on the box that its crossfire x ready
but the card itself doesn't have a crossfire finger on the PCB

now my question is how can i use it in crossfire with possibly another 5670 without using a crossfire bridge ? (i'm not a pro when it comes to stuff like this )

and can anyone tell me what is my limit when it comes to overclocking ?

thanks in advance
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  1. crossfire will be software driven.
  2. i know that it's not good but i already have one and i'm not a hardcore gamer

    can you tell me how can i crossfire them without a crossfire bridge ?
    should i just put the other card in the other slot and that's it ?
  3. thanks a million guys ♥
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